1. Photocopies

  • Color and black-and-white photocopies of any size, with high-resolution and high-quality by modern printing machines.


  • We print any type of digital file (pdf, jpeg, office, corel, photoshop, etc.) in color or black-and-white and on a wide range of papers (mat, satin, glossy, watercolor, photo) with thickness up to 350gr.
  • Dissertations, students’ papers, theses.
  • Printing of dissertations and students’ papers, theses and any other type of papers or studies.
  • Large-Format Printing - banner.
  • Topographic - Architectural drawings, Exhibition posters, Kappa, Conference Posters, Standees, Flags, Banners, Canvasses.
  • Special prints.
  • Prints on magnet paper, decoupage paper, slide, rice paper, envelope.
  • Canvas - Frame.
  • Print on top quality cotton and durable canvas with indelible ink in a plotter specially designed for photographic and artistic applications.
  • Calendar printing.
  • Wall calendars with metallic spiral, table, family, promotional calendars.
  • Stickers.
  • Print stickers for every use and size, for indoor or outdoor use, packaging stickers, promotional stickers.
  • Signaling panels.
  • Signaling panels, no-trespassing signs, safety, health, special use, signs etc.

3. Business cards

  • We design and print your business cards, laminated or not, in the quantities you wish, without limitation of number of pieces and with the choice out of a wide variety of papers.

4. Wedding and Christening Invitations

  • Design and printing of invitation cards on luxury paper, metallic or velvet, rice paper etc.

5. Brochures - flyers

  • Printed advertising materials, leaflets, brochures, flyers, half fold, tri-fold etc.

6. Pricelists - Menu

  • Design and printing of price lists for restaurants, cafés, bars, hotels etc.

7. Book self-publishing

  • Copyright, ISBN, graphic design - cover art, page layout, literary editing, printing.

8. Typing

  • Text typing, formatting, editing.

9. Bookbinding

  • Spiral binder (metal-plastic), thermal binding, metal back, bookbinding with hard cover, professional perimeter binding.

10. Laminating

  • Matte or glossy lamination without limitation in size.

11. Seals

  • Automatic or wooden seals, in all sizes.

12. Graphic Applications - Corporate Image

  • Logo design, business card, brochures, etc.